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Metal Detecting for gold nuggets with a Minelab Gold detectorHello, Welcome to! Feel free to view the web pages by using the select links on each page. We are continuing to add more content as time goes on. The company plans now include the Small Ranch, Small Hydro Power production and Gold!

We will be expanding on a few interesting aspects of these plans as often as we can.

Harvesting Blueberry Gold!For starters look at the Gold pages where there's a wealth of information regarding prospecting for gold.  This prospect is real and shows promise as one of several ventures that DoradoVista has been given. We will keep updating this site as these projects develop.

Pelton Runner - Small HydropowerFollow that tour with a visit over to the Small Hydropower section on our renewable energy project. Again the company has been blessed with a real opportunity to start generating positive cash flow through more than just the ranch itself!

Then go on to the ranch pages to look at the agricultural plans we have. We have Blueberries in our future.

Enjoy your visit to!  

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