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Enjoy Small Ranching and Berries at DoradoVista!DoradoVista Ranch -- The BlueBerries are Coming!

DoradoVista RanchThis page is dedicated to the ranching aspects of this Mother Lode area property. This investment really is stewardship for the future, a future beyond DoradoVista, Inc. As an investment, the ranch is much more than a premium real estate venture. DV Ranch is both an adventure and a living farm opportunity! 

The DoradoVista ranch is 120 acres of a very special rural property.  We will be describing the ranch projects in detail in the near future.  As of now we have plans for an orchard of Pomegranates, Boysenberries and Blueberries. There is a plan for irrigation, power and fencing of part of the ranch property for pasture as well.  We have a year round creek running through the property that provides both scenery and a source for much needed water. All these aspects will be part of the big picture to be presented in the future on this web site.

We are now getting prepared for our "experimental" first acre of blueberries this fall. They will be a mix of Northern and Southern highbush, combined with Rabbiteye blueberry varieties. The Southern will produce fruit first in the season - late spring. We have a frost-chill pattern on the ranch that says we will most likely benefit from Northern Highbush. The fall season will be for the Rabbiteye varieties. With our high summer heat and cold winters we expect to discover the pattern for which blueberry varieties will work best. on our ranch that is why we call this our "Experimental" first acre. After we know how to save a few bushes from what we do not know, and which bushes produce the best berries for us. Then we will be expanding our production to meet the local market demands.

We are learning a lot about berry selection, marketing and even bed preparation. The blueberry is a picky plant. It likes a pH around 4.5-4.8 which means most soils are out, unless some pH reduction can be performed. We will be reducing our pH from 6.2 to about 5 to start with. This will require some addition of a product called "Tiger Sulphur" to the soil and a bit of organic addition to buffer the pH and other nutrients. Add water and heat and native sulphur eating bacteria present in the soil will produce acid to drop the pH to where the blueberry produces best. Once in this mode the pH is maintained by careful water pH control and monitoring more sulphur in future years as required.

If you want to try and explore your ability to make blueberries "happy" try getting a few Blueberry plants from our affiliates at Nature Hills Nursery. Try adding blueberries to your garden, and they taste great too!

Nature Hills Nursary - Berry Varieties 

They also have a great Rhizome and Root moisture treatment that helps get the plant off on the right foot, er... root.

As blueberries and boysenberries (cane berries) take a lot of moisture during the ripening it will be beneficial to have the Hydropower and Ram water pumping ability to offset some of the irrigation pumping costs. More on Hydro powered irrigation later as we develop the closed loop design for this ranch and its Agricultural product cycle. See our Hydro pages for more on the specific topic of our Hydropower project.

Sunrise at DoradoVista RanchAs part of the long term company goals mentioned in our "Mission" we have a vision of being able to return the blessings given us. We plan to return a portion of ranch profits to provide facilities to help families with special needs as part of our long term goals.

We are investigating the use of principles employed as part of a soil and water conservation process called "Yeoman's -- Keyline Design." This involves the control and redirection of natural water onto the slopes in such a way as to enhance soil nutrition and prevent erosion and loss. The result is additional yield per acre and more productive acres for less irrigation water (power.)

For the work on our unique slopes we are investigating the use of special small articulated orchard tractors by Ferrari and Goldoni and berry harvesters by Litteau. These farm machines will come in to play as we expand the fruit orchards into production. These small tractors are commonly used in vineyards and berry farms throughout the world.

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