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Gold Panning for gold nuggetsGolden Sunrise at DoradoVista Ranch!DoradoVista, Inc. is a small business based in California.

The company has three major areas of activity. The first is development of the ranch infrastructure for agricultural production. The second area involves the development of a small hydro power station on the ranch. This facility will be used to provide renewable power both for the ranch and export to the power grid. The last area of company activity is gold prospecting and the property shows some promise of a paying placer or lode deposit.

The Web site is broken into the same three areas:

  • In the "DVRanch" section there is information about the ranch located in the Mother Lode region of Northern California. We are getting ready to set up a blueberry and boysenberry ranch. 
  • In the "DVPower" section there is a project we are working on that involves small hydro for producing energy (100-1,000 Kilowatts) to sell to a grid power distribution company.  There is a subsection with Small Hydro news and information on how to set up micro hydro and small hydroelectric power generation.
  • In the "DVGold" section you will find many resources related to gold prospecting and gold prospecting tools.  DoradoVIsta has found gold, not much so far, but it has promise for the future. This section has a "gold news" page and another page dedicated to "prospecting tools".

We will be re-opening our forum for sharing our company vision and ideas regarding the three main parts of our company portfolio as they are developed. Please join us to discuss the many interests we share.

Maybe we'll set the forum up as a web blog to share our cash flow and stewardship model. That part is fun, because it relates back to our kid's study of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money--That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!" author Robert Kyosaki has a lot to say about looking for business opportunities and learning by trying.

We often tie our hands because of the fear of failure. That 'kid's' teaching discussion led to 'thinking out of the cubicle' and DoradoVista Inc. was started. As we continue to make mistakes we learn and grow. Its that cycle of learning and growing we use to drive DoradoVista's future. Never fear to learn from trying, it is better to fear not trying!

One key, we have observed, is to watch for business opportunities to create positive cashflow that can be used to create more opportunities. This cycles back to opportunities again while learning how to improve the cycle based on the evaluation of what didn't work well.

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